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Tahometer is a worktime tracking and reporting service for all platforms.
You should install local computer agent, it will takes random screenshots and save it to your on-line account. That allow companies to see real, tracked time of remote workers. For worker it will help keep the track of work, have proof of your efforts and convert them to payments. http://www.tahometer.com

Logo and corporate papers for Medstars.

Dashboard screen
You can see last activity per project and per user based. Also you can see logged hours: on-line and off-line (meetings, phone calls, etc).

At the bottom of the screen you can use on-line version of timer. Chat with other users also available at the bottom toolbar.

Logo and corporate papers for Medstars.

Project activity page
Here you can see per user activity (logged on-line and off-line hours). Logged hours assigned to users tasks.

Logo and corporate papers for Medstars.

Activity page for selected user
You can see screenshots and mouse & keyboard activity. Also you can add off-line time, assign selected screenshots to task, delete screenshots or add comments.

Logo and corporate papers for Medstars.

You can expend information and see mouse & keyboard activity associated with screenshots.

Logo and corporate papers for Medstars.

Logo for project Tahometer

Animated version of Tahometer logo

Below are the things that was not included to final version.
Animation one of the logo version.

MedStars web site homepage

Version of the Tahometer logo

MedStars web site homepage
MedStars web site homepage


Vizual test of tahometer logo on different media
Logo for test name of the project O2

Original name of the project was — O2. This is test version of logo.

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