Petaluma Paperbacks

logo and web-site

We created logo and templates for on-line shop for privately-held
bookshop located in Petaluma, CA.

Petaluma Paperbacks logo

Petaluma Paperbacks main logo. As a symbol of the logo was suggested the bear, who reads a book.

Michael Bearden owner of bookshop
Rejected logo

Rejected logo versions.


Site planed as the personal Michael's blog and on-line shop. Created wireframes for all keypages, outlined structure.

wireframes for Petaluma Paperbacks site
Home page
Store page

Store page.

Also you can take a look on HTML templates for Home page, Store page, Book's page, Michael's Corner page, Blog post page, About Us.

Michael's corner: blog, review, recomendations
Book page
Petaluma Paperbacks Bear-den

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