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Icelandic social network about food and all around it: recipes, articles, forum, restaurants, reference book about fruit, vegetables, spices, alcohol, complex rating system, favorites (personal cookbook). Designed more than 50 pages, banners, ad. (Flash, HTML, CSS, JS)

Matseld horn of plenty

Set of icon-illustrations in screen and print sizes. Made in a unique technique and style.

Main symbol — horn of plenty.

Matseld. Info.
Matseld. Favorites.
Matseld. Notes.
Matseld. Print.
Matseld. Feedback.
Matseld. Restaurant.
Matseld. User Area.
Matseld. Recipes.
Matseld.Fruits, vegetables, spices.
Matseld. Manage Recipes.
Matseld. Forum.
Matseld. Change Password.
Matseld. Gallery.
Matseld. Articles.
Matseld. Send to Friends.
Matseld. Restaurant.
Matseld. Small icons.
Matseld. Smallest icons. 16px

Vector icons (Xara) for different site sections: favicon, forum, rating system, user area.

Matseld. Corporate papers.

Set of corporate papers.

Matseld site. Home page.

Web site:

Design of the food portal Total designed more then 50 pages, here just some of them.

Also take a look on next pages: Forum, New Year home page, Login, User Area and User Catalogue.

Matseld site. Fruits, Vegetables, Spices.

Reference book for fruits, vegetables. spices, wine and other things. Take a look on fruit's content page.

Matseld site. Recipe's page.

Recipe's content page. Visitors can rate recipe, print, add comment and own notes, and also add to personal favorites.

Matseld site. Restaurants section.

Main Restaurants section page. Other related pages: Add new restaurant (for owners), Find the restaurant, Restaurant's gallery and menu.

More then 20 banners in various size and format. Here is just few example of GIF and Flash banners. gif banner
Matseld. Advertisements for Icelandic magazines.

Set of advertisements for Icelandic magazines.

Matseld. Advertisements for Icelandic magazines.
Matseld site local banners

Set of banners for inside use. Banners ask users add various type of recipes.

Matseld site local banners
Matseld site local banners
Matseld horn of plenty

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