About HealthTech Capital

HealthTech Capital is a group of private investors dedicated to funding and mentoring new “HealthTech” start ups at the intersection of healthcare and the computer/consumer electronic world.

Our goal is to invest and mentor capital efficient companies that use new scalable business model to improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery from the hospital to the home.

HealthTech Capital is a new private equity investment model that leverages professional investment management oversight with the collegiality and shared expertise found in organized Angel investor groups.

What is HealthTech?

Market size

HealthTech is a new emerging healthcare market that leverages information technologies to decrease healthcare cost. Historically, venture funding has focused on “Efficacy” (therapeutics drugs and medical devices) and paid little attention to improving “Efficiencies” of healthcare delivery. Today, new paradigm shifting companies like Google, Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm, Cisco and others are turning their attention to HealthTech.

HealthTech supports patient-centric healthcare and is distinct from Healthcare IT, enterprise backbone legacy information systems that are well served by existing major players. Our goal is to invest in capital efficient companies that use new business models to improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery. Our sweet spot has minimal or no government regulation oversight by the FDA and/or CMS.

New Investment Model — The Best of Both Worlds

HealthTech Capital combines the best features of Angel Groups and Venture Capital funds.

    From the Angel model:

  • Collegiality
  • Intellectual stimulation and learning
  • Direct participation in investment decisions
  • Flexible involvement—from mentoring to check writing

    From the Venture Capital model:

  • Professional management and follow up
  • Term sheet negotiation
  • Board seat or observer rights
  • Financial oversight and transparent processes

Studies show that Angel investing success is related to due diligence and active investment participation.

Geographic and Domain Diversity

HealthTech Capital members are industry leaders with domain expertise in healthcare, information technology, finance, and consumer products. Members include successful entrepreneurs, executives, medical doctors, and venture capitalists. Although based in Silicon Valley, HealthTech Capital has members nationwide. The membership is comprised of Investor Members, Venture Members, Sponsor Members, and Industry Members.

Entrepreneur Mentoring

In addition to seed and early stage funding, HealthTech Capital members and investment team are active mentors of the entrepreneurial team in exchange of common stock. We bring the financial and business expertise needed to get early stage healthcare companies off the ground. We work closely with the entrepreneurs to prove technical and market feasibility, develop sound business models, attract permanent senior management and bring in additional angel or venture capital financing.


Anne DeGheest

Anne DeGheest

Anne has 25 years investing experience with MedStars, and has been a pioneer investor in the field of HealthTech. Companies in which Anne has invested have raised over $500 million in venture capital and grew to $6 billion market cap. She has startup operating experience as CEO and VP as well as public and private board positions. Anne earned an MS, Brussels and an MBA, Harvard.


Don Ross

Anne DeGheest

Don has 10 years Angel investing experience and currently is a Board Director, Sand Hill Angels (SHA) and Co-Chair, SHA Deal Quality Committee. His investments have included companies in mobile, tech, eHealth, diagnostics, and medical devices. Don has private board experience and startup operating experience as CEO and VP. He cofounded and sold a life sciences publishing company and is co-author of two college-level nutrition textbooks. Don earned a BA, Architecture with honors, Berkeley.


Kathy LaPorte

Anne DeGheest

Kathy has 23 years investing experience, including Asset Management Co., Sprout and New Leaf Ventures (cofounder). She has invested in pharma, device, diagnostics, and eHealth. Kathy is knowledgeable about healthcare service delivery and experienced in all stages—from startup through public companies. She has private and public board experience. Kathy earned a BS, Yale, and an MBA, Stanford.


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HealthTech Capital uses the Angelsoft deal management software collaboration program. This application greatly simplifies the coordination of deal evaluation within our group. Be assured that your information will be kept confidential within the Angelsoft application and more specifically, only HealthTech Capital members may access your information when submitted to this access point. Companies that fill out the application completely are given priority. Incomplete applications may not be reviewed.